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If you're flighty, you're flaky and a little bit thoughtless. Flighty people change their minds and plans at the drop of a hat.


The nervous need to change things alot or the opposite of stable.


Flighty definition, given to flights of fancy; capricious; frivolous. See more.


A more controlled, reflective stance is marked not only by the major key, but also by the congruence of vocal line and keyboard and the flighty semiquaver idea.


If you say that someone is flighty, you disapprove of them because they are not very serious or reliable and keep changing from one activity, idea, or partner to ...


Definition of flighty - fickle and irresponsible. ... adjective. Fickle and irresponsible . 'her mother was a flighty Southern belle'. More example sentences.


flighty definition: adjective flight′i·er, flight′i·est 1. given to sudden whims; not taking things seriously; frivolous or irresponsible 2. easily excited, upset, etc.


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