1 : musty, stale a frowsy smell of stale beer and stale smoke— W. S. Maugham .... See the full definition for frowsy in the English Language Learners Dictionary.


Something particularly nasty, in particular and unpleasant smell.


Someone who's frowsy looks like a slob. If you go to a job interview looking frowsy, you're less likely to get the job than if you comb your hair and wear a tidy suit.


Contemporary Examples of frowsy. But only she can provide the meaningful interruption into the frowsy narrative that has built around her. The Daily Beast logo.


Frowzy definition, dirty and untidy; slovenly. See more.


Define frowsy. frowsy synonyms, frowsy pronunciation, frowsy translation, English dictionary definition of frowsy. also frow·sy adj. frow·zi·er , frow·zi·est also ...


Define frowzy. frowzy synonyms, frowzy pronunciation, frowzy translation, English dictionary definition of frowzy. also frow·sy adj. frow·zi·er , frow·zi·est also ...


Definition of frowzy - scruffy and neglected in appearance.


So there's nothing else for it,' said the Countess, sniffing at the frowzy air coming from the entrance to the Royal Menagerie. Fidelis Morgan THE RIVAL ...