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Fructify definition is - to bear fruit. How to use fructify in a sentence. Did You Know ? ... Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme with fructify. Britannica English: ...


Fructify definition, to bear fruit; become fruitful: With careful tending the plant will fructify. See more.


fructify definition: 1. to produce a good or useful result: 2. to make something fertile or make it produce a good result: . Learn more.


Definition of fructify - make (something) fruitful or productive.


A newly planted apple tree can take years to fructify, but when it does there will be plenty of apples to go around. To fructify is to “produce fruit,” or “become ...


Fructify definition: to bear or cause to bear fruit | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Define fructified. fructified synonyms, fructified pronunciation, fructified translation, English dictionary definition of fructified. v. fruc·ti·fied , fruc·ti·fy·ing , fruc·ti·fies v.


Define fructify. fructify synonyms, fructify pronunciation, fructify translation, English dictionary definition of fructify. v. fruc·ti·fied , fruc·ti·fy·ing , fruc·ti·fies v. tr.


fructify definition: intransitive verb -·fied·, -·fy·ing to bear fruit; become fruitfulOrigin of fructifyMiddle English fructifien from Old French fructifier from Classical Latin ...