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Fulsome definition is - characterized by abundance : copious. ... The dispute was exacerbated by the fact that the large dictionaries of the first half of the century ...


Fulsome is a troublesome word. And, it turns out, it's a rare case in which dictionaries have made the word's meaning more confusing rather than more clear.


Definition of fulsome - complimentary or flattering to an excessive degree, of large size or quantity; generous or abundant.


Fulsome definition, offensive to good taste, especially as being excessive; overdone or gross: fulsome praise that embarrassed her deeply; fulsome décor.


USAGE The use of fulsome to mean extremely complimentary or full, rich or abundant is common in journalism, but should be avoided in other kinds of writing.


Used when people don't understand the actual definition. Note: Does not mean complete, robust, comprehensive, or inclusive. 1) Complimentary or flattering to ...


Compliments usually make you feel pretty good, but fulsome compliments, which are exaggerated and usually insincere, may have the opposite effect.


Nov 3, 2014 ... Is it OK to use the word "fulsome" to mean abundant? ... The dictionary says the adjective “fulsome” is “now chiefly used in reference to gross or ...


Usage Note: The original meaning of fulsome was "copious, abundant." But fulsome is now most often used of remarks that involve excessive praise or ...