Hem definition, to fold back and sew down the edge of (cloth, a garment, etc.); form an edge or border on or around. See more.


Hem definition is - a border of a cloth article doubled back and stitched down. ... See the full definition for hem in the English Language Learners Dictionary. hem.


Define hem. hem synonyms, hem pronunciation, hem translation, English dictionary definition of hem. n. 1. An edge or border on a piece of cloth, especially a ...


Definition of hem - the edge of a piece of cloth or clothing which has been turned under and sewn.


hem meaning: 1. the edge of a piece of cloth, such as the bottom edge of a skirt or dress, that is folded over and sewn so that it does not develop loose threads: ...


What is Hem? Definition and meaning:HEM (kraspedon): The classic instance of the use of 'hem' in the New Testament is Matthew 9:20 the King Ja.


When kids grow taller, their parents sometimes have to let out the hem in their pants so they'll be long enough. The hem is the very bottom, folded edge of a ...


Definition of HEM from the King James Bible Dictionary.


hem meaning, definition, what is hem: the edge of a piece of cloth that is tur...: Learn more.