A hierarchy is an arrangement of items in which the items are represented as being "above", .... Possibly the first use of the English word "hierarchy" cited by the Oxford English Dictionary was in 1881, when it was used in reference to the three ...


Hierarchy definition is - a division of angels. How to use hierarchy in a sentence. What did hierarchy ... Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme with hierarchy.


hierarchy meaning: 1. a system in which people or things are arranged according to their importance: 2. the people in the upper levels of an organization who ...


Hierarchy definition, any system of persons or things ranked one above another. See more.


Hierarchies definition, any system of persons or things ranked one above another . See more.


Hierarchical definition, of, belonging to, or characteristic of a hierarchy. See more.


hierarchy meaning, definition, what is hierarchy: a system of organization in which people...: Learn more.


Hierarchy describes a system that organizes or ranks things, often according to power or importance. At school the principal is at the top of the staff hierarchy, ...


Wearing unsuitable clothes was an implicit rejection of the hierarchy that controlled society. Lucy Moore Liberty: The Lives and Times of Six Women in ...