Dictionary of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Language, Grammar.


Hieroglyph definition, designating or pertaining to a pictographic script, particularly that of the ancient Egyptians, in which many of the symbols are ...


hieroglyph meaning: a picture or symbol that represents a word, used in some writing systems, such as the one used in ancient Egypt. Learn more.


a writing system using picture symbols; used in ancient Egypt.


Hieroglyph definition is - a character used in a system of hieroglyphic writing. ... Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme with hieroglyph. Thesaurus: All synonyms  ...


If your written language consists of pictures rather than letters and words, your written communication would be hieroglyphic in nature. Ancient Egyptian writing  ...


Definition of hieroglyph - a stylized picture of an object representing a word, syllable, or sound, as found in ancient Egyptian and certain other writing sy.


I therefore propose, before passing on to describe the circumstancesunder which the present Egyptian. Hieroglyphic Dictionary has been produced, to recall.


hieroglyph definition: 1. a picture or symbol representing a word, syllable, or sound, used by the ancient Egyptians and others instead of alphabetical letters 2. a ...