Hireling definition is - a person who serves for hire especially for purely ... See the full definition for hireling in the English Language Learners Dictionary.


hireling meaning: someone who has been persuaded by an offer of money to do an unpleasant or unpopular job: . Learn more.


Hireling definition, a person who works only for pay, especially in a menial or boring job, with little or no concern for the value of the work. See more.


Definition of hireling - a person employed to do menial work.


What is Hireling? Definition and meaning:HIRELING hir'-ling (sakhir): Occurs only 6 times in the Old Testament, and uniformly means a laborer for a wage.


A hireling is someone doing a job solely for the money. The work they do is therefore tainted. A hit man might be dismissed as a hireling by the FBI, who wants to ...


If you refer to someone as a hireling, you disapprove of them because they do not care who they work for and they are willing to do illegal or immoral things as ...


Definition of HIRELING from the King James Bible Dictionary.


Define hireling. hireling synonyms, hireling pronunciation, hireling translation, English dictionary definition of hireling. n. One who works solely for compensation, ...