Hone definition is - to sharpen or smooth with a whetstone. How to use hone in a sentence. ... Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme with hone. Thesaurus: All ...


Hone definition, a whetstone of fine, compact texture for sharpening razors and other cutting tools. See more.


The verb hone means to sharpen skills. When you practice shooting baskets every day after school, you are honing your skills as a basketball player.


Definition of hone - sharpen (a blade), refine or perfect (something) over a period of time,


hone meaning: 1. to make an object sharp: 2. to make something perfect or completely suitable for its purpose: 3. to direct something such as an ability to make it ...


n. hone honing honed honeable 1. The act of sex or sexual intercorse. 2. A tool with a rotating abrasive tip for enlarging holes to precise dimensions. 1. He will ...


Define hone. hone synonyms, hone pronunciation, hone translation, English dictionary definition of hone. n. 1. A fine-grained whetstone for giving a keen edge ...


hone definition: The definition of a hone is a fine grained, very hard stone which is used to sharpen cutting tools. (noun) An example of hone is what a chef would  ...


hone meaning, definition, what is hone: to improve your skill at doing something... : Learn more.