Humanitarian definition, having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people. See more.


humanitarian meaning: 1. (a person who is) involved in or connected with improving people's lives and reducing suffering: 2. involved in or connected with  ...


6 days ago ... Humanitarian definition is - a person promoting human welfare and social reform : philanthropist. ... Dictionary Entries near humanitarian.


Definition of humanitarian - concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare .


Despite many jokes to the contrary, a humanitarian is not someone who eats humans (as a vegetarian eats vegetables)! A humanitarian is a person concerned ...


humanitarian meaning, definition, what is humanitarian: concerned with improving bad living cond...: Learn more.


humanitarian definition: The definition of a humanitarian is a person who cares about people and who often participates in charity or does good work to show ...


The aftermath could require a massive humanitarian relief operation. The Sun ( 2016)With winter setting in, aid agencies have warned of an impending ...


Michael Jackson is an humanitarian : he gave ALL HIS PROFITS from the Victory tour and the BAD Tour to charities; he basically worked for free, so he could ...