Functional illiteracy is reading and writing skills that are inadequate "to manage daily living and ... illiteracy is usually defined simply as reading too slow for practical use, inability to effectively use dictionaries and written manuals, etc.


Feb 12, 2019 ... Illiteracy definition is - the quality or state of being illiterate; especially ... How to use illiteracy in a sentence. ... Dictionary Entries near illiteracy.


Illiterate, aliterate, and innumerate Synonym Discussion of illiterate. ... See the full definition for illiterate in the English Language Learners Dictionary. illiterate.


Illiteracy is the inability to read. You can help someone overcome illiteracy by reading together, or even by sharing your knowledge of vocabulary.


Illiteracy definition, a lack of ability to read and write. See more.


Illiterate definition, unable to read and write: an illiterate group. See more.


illiteracy meaning: 1. a lack of the ability to read and write: 2. a lack of knowledge about a particular subject: 3. the fact of being unable to read and write: .


illiterate meaning: 1. unable to read and write: 2. knowing little or nothing about a particular subject: 3. someone who is illiterate. Learn more.


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