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To become annoyed; bothered; flustetered. Often used sarcastically by downplaying someone's rage.


Miff definition is - a fit of ill humor. How to use miff in a sentence. ... Dictionary Entries near miff. miersite · Mies van der Rohe · mifepristone · miff · Mifflin · miffy.


Miff definition, petulant displeasure; ill humor. See more.


Miff definition: to take offence or offend | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Definition of miff - annoy. ... noun. archaic. A petty quarrel or fit of pique. 'like ladies in a miff who won't explain'. Synonyms. argument, row, fight, disagreement,  ...


The verb miff is an informal way to say "annoy." If your sister's constant humming is starting to drive you crazy, you can tell her it miffs you.


Define miff. miff synonyms, miff pronunciation, miff translation, English dictionary definition of miff. n. 1. A petulant, bad-tempered mood; a huff. 2. A petty quarrel ...


The definition of a miff is a small argument. An example of a miff is a disagreement over which fast food restaurant has the best french fries. verb. Miff is defined ...