Mortify definition is - to subject to severe and vexing embarrassment : shame. ... See the full definition for mortify in the English Language Learners Dictionary.


Mortify definition, to humiliate or shame, as by injury to one's pride or self-respect. See more.


Mortified definition, to humiliate or shame, as by injury to one's pride or self- respect. See more.


mortified. To be mortified is to be extremely embarrassed. If your pants fell down in class, you'd be mortified. In science, mortified describes body tissue that's ...


To mortify someone is to cause them extreme embarrassment. Your mother may not have been trying to mortify you when she showed up at your senior prom ...


What the film exacts from its audience is not com-passion for a peer, but a purely sentimental pity, kept at a distance by a stoic and ultimately mortifying narrative ...


What is Mortify? Definition and meaning:MORTIFY mor'-ti-fi (Romans 8:13 the King James Version and the English Revised Version, thanatoo, the English .



mortify• Other scholars heard that he was unwell and sent him notes made remote by their instinct that his straits must mortify him.• As a teenager, making any ...