Multiform definition is - having many forms or appearances. ... Other Words from multiform. multiformity ... Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme with multiform.


Multiform definition, having many different shapes, forms, or kinds. See more.


multiform. If you describe something as multiform, it can exist in many forms. By its nature, a transformer toy that can double as a car and as a robot can be called  ...


multiform definition: The definition of multiform is having many shapes. (adjective) An example of something multiform is modeling clay. ...


Define multiform. multiform synonyms, multiform pronunciation, multiform translation, English dictionary definition of multiform. adj. Occurring in or having many ...


English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. multi- + form. Pronunciation[edit]. Rhymes: -ɔː(r) m. Adjective[edit]. multiform (not comparable). Having more than one shape or ...


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This term is used where the daylily in question has been registered correctly as exhibiting two or more of the forms spider, unusual form, polymerous, or double.


MultiForm imitates the Form API so that it is invisible to anybody else (for example , ... The initial data argument has to be a nested dictionary so that we can ...