Dec 13, 2018 ... Pendulous definition is - poised without visible support. How to use pendulous in a sentence. ... Dictionary Entries near pendulous. penduline.


Pendulous definition, hanging down loosely: pendulous blossoms. See more.


It is easily identified from a distance by its 10 m-long fronds, which make up most of the palm's overall height, covered with clustered, pendulous pinnae.


Pendulous definition: Something that is pendulous hangs downwards and moves loosely, usually in an unattractive... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and ...


Definition of pendulous - hanging down loosely. ... 'pendulous branches'. More example sentences. 'A lone tree stands in a nursery in Portland with pendulous ...


Walking a path with pendulous trees, the kind with hanging branches, is easier if you're five rather than seven feet tall.


hanging down freely in a velumptuous manner. offen referred to when describing tits or balls usually tits.


Define pendulous. pendulous synonyms, pendulous pronunciation, pendulous translation, English dictionary definition of pendulous. adj. 1. Hanging loosely ...


pendulous definition: 1. hanging freely or loosely; suspended so as to swing 2. hanging or bending downward; drooping 3. Now Rare vacillating; uncertainOrigin ...