Raspy definition, harsh; grating; rasping. See more.


I remember his raspy voice, his laugh, and my sense of gratitude that one of the founders of my adopted field was actually sitting here talking to me.


Raspy definition is - harsh, grating. How to use raspy in a sentence. ... See the full definition for raspy in the English Language Learners Dictionary. raspy.


Raspy definition: If someone has a raspy voice, they make rough sounds as if they have a sore throat or... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


A sound is raspy when it is rough or scratchy. If you get a bad cold or scream encouragement to a losing team for a few hours, you will end up with a raspy voice.


raspy definition: Raspy is defined as something rough or irritated. (adjective) The rough voice of a lifelong smoker is an example of a voice that would be ...


Define raspy. raspy synonyms, raspy pronunciation, raspy translation, English dictionary definition of raspy. adj. rasp·i·er , rasp·i·est Rough; grating. adj. rasp•i• er, ...


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