Sherbet definition, a frozen fruit-flavored mixture, similar to an ice, but with milk, egg white, or gelatin added. See more.


Sherbet (pronounced “shur-bit”) is the standard American spelling for the frozen mixture ... Its prevalence has resulted in its inclusion in some dictionaries as an ...


Sherbet definition is - a cold drink of sweetened and diluted fruit juice. ... See the full definition for sherbet in the English Language Learners Dictionary. sherbet.


sherbet. Sherbet is a frozen dessert made of fruit juice and sugar. Though it looks like ice cream, sherbet is a little different since it's made with little or no milk or ...


6 days ago ... Sherbet, pronounced 'SHER-but' or 'Shur-bit' is the more common ... Well, we, your friendly dictionary folk, are here to set the record straight.



The museum also holds easel and book miniatures of 17th-19th centuries, lacquered miniatures of 18th-19th centuries and collection of sherbet spoons, made ...


Sherbet definition: Sherbet is a sweet dry powder that tastes fizzy and is eaten as a sweet. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Define sherbet. sherbet synonyms, sherbet pronunciation, sherbet translation, English dictionary definition of sherbet. n. 1. also sher·bert A frozen dessert made  ...