Skeptic definition, a person who questions the validity or authenticity of something purporting to be factual. See more.


Skeptic definition is - an adherent or advocate of skepticism. How to use ... See the full definition for skeptic in the English Language Learners Dictionary. skeptic.


A skeptic is a person who doesn't believe something is true unless they see evidence. As a skeptic, you refuse to believe your sister saw a ghost — after all, she ...


skeptic meaning: 1. a person who doubts the truth or value of an idea or belief: 2. a person who doubts the truth or value of an idea or belief. Learn more.


Definition of sceptic - a person inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions., an ancient or modern philosopher who denies the possibility of knowledg.


Skeptic: He uses something called Cold Reading, he isn't even very good at it. ... Bob the skeptic was really interested in the truth - whatever it may turn out to be.


The Skeptic's Dictionary features definitions, arguments, and essays on hundreds of strange beliefs, amusing deceptions, and dangerous delusions.


skeptic (n.) also sceptic, 1580s, "member of an ancient Greek school that doubted the possibility of real knowledge," from Middle French sceptique and directly ...


Define skeptic. skeptic synonyms, skeptic pronunciation, skeptic translation, English dictionary definition of skeptic. also scep·tic n. 1. One who instinctively or  ...