Skimpy definition, lacking in size, fullness, etc.; scanty: a skimpy hem; a skimpy dinner. See more.


Skimpy definition is - deficient in supply or execution especially through ... See the full definition for skimpy in the English Language Learners Dictionary. skimpy.


It's this diverse mix of customers who have all had a beer with a skimpy that makes the Kalgoorlie skimpy scene so unique, according to Wild West Saloon Bar ...


Define skimpy (adjective) and get synonyms. What is skimpy (adjective)? skimpy (adjective) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.


The adjective skimpy is good for describing meager or inadequate things, like a skimpy amount of firewood that only burns for an hour, or a skimpy serving of ice  ...


Definition of skimpy - (of clothes) short and revealing, providing or consisting of less than is needed; meagre.


skimpy meaning: 1. not large enough: 2. Skimpy clothing shows a lot of your body : 3. not enough or not large enough: . Learn more.


skimpy definition: The definition of skimpy is not enough or something that is too small or not full enough. (adjective) An example of skimpy used as an adjective ...


skimpy meaning, definition, what is skimpy: a skimpy dress or skirt etc is very shor ...: Learn more.