Do you know anyone lazy or slothful? Then you know a sluggard: an idle or sluggish person.


Sluggard definition is - a habitually lazy person. ... Other Words from sluggard Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences ... Dictionary Entries near sluggard.


Sluggard definition, a person who is habitually inactive or lazy. See more.


That meant that vigorous, enterprising firms were penalised whereas sluggards snapped up all the raw materials they could get because they knew that there ...


SLUGGARD. slug'-ard: Found only in the Old Testament, and there only in Proverbs. It is the rendering given the word 'atsel everywhere in the Revised Version ...


Definition of sluggard - a lazy, sluggish person. ... 'I'm waiting for those sluggards to bring my steak'. More example sentences. 'We make the busy bee look like ...


sluggard definition: a habitually lazy or idle personOrigin of sluggardMiddle English slogarde from sluggen, to be lazy, go slowly, probably from Scand, as in  ...


Definition of SLUGGARD and SLUGGARDIZE from the King James Bible Dictionary.


How long will you lie there, you sluggard? When will you get up from your sleep? -Proverbs 6:9 · #lazy#slacker#loafer#slug#idler. by notasluggard April 13, ...