Smudge definition is - to make a smudge on. How to use ... See the full definition for smudge in the English Language Learners Dictionary. smudge. noun.


Smudge definition, a dirty mark or smear. See more.


Smudging definition, a dirty mark or smear. See more.


At about eight months the child begins to recognise a mirror image as itself, and will, for example, remove a smudge of red make-up from its nose.


An act of prayer among Native Americans involving the burning of sage, cedar or sweetgrass in an abalone shell, tin can, or other container that will hold the ...


The act of rubbing one's penis on around and partially in a woman's vagina. This act usually implies the non-use of a condom, therefore it is often performed in ...


When you smudge something, you smear or blur it in a messy way. If you smudge your sister's drawing after she worked so hard on it, she'll be furious.


Define smudge. smudge synonyms, smudge pronunciation, smudge translation, English dictionary definition of smudge. v. smudged , smudg·ing , smudg·es v. tr.