easily shocked, offended, or disgusted by unpleasant things. See the full definition for squeamish in the English Language Learners Dictionary. squeamish.


squeamish meaning: 1. easily upset or shocked by things that you find unpleasant or that you do not approve of: 2. easily upset or disgusted by things or actions ...


If you fainted or threw up at the sight of frog intestines in biology class, you're squeamish — easily nauseated or shocked by unpleasant, icky things. No horror  ...


Squeamish definition, fastidious or dainty. See more.


squeamish definition: The definition of squeamish is someone who gets easily sick to his stomach, or someone who is easily offended. (adjective) An example of ...


Definition of squeamish - easily made to feel sick or disgusted.


Define squeamish. squeamish synonyms, squeamish pronunciation, squeamish translation, English dictionary definition of squeamish. adj. 1. a.


Squeamish definition: If you are squeamish , you are easily upset by unpleasant sights or situations . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Term mostly used in the UK. When one is averse to overt displays of gore and blood, particularly of the kind displayed in violent/teen slasher films/medical ...