Stupor definition, suspension or great diminution of sensibility, as in disease or as caused by narcotics, intoxicants, etc.: He lay there in a drunken stupor.


Feb 6, 2019 ... Stupor definition is - a condition of greatly dulled or completely ... See the full definition for stupor in the English Language Learners Dictionary.


A person in a stupor is considered barely conscious or stunned; or, if you consult Led Zeppelin lyrics: dazed and confused.


stupor definition: The definition of a stupor is a state where you are in a daze or nearly unconscious. (noun) When you get very drunk and don't know what is ...


stupor meaning: 1. a state in which a person is almost unconscious and their thoughts are not clear: 2. a state in which a person is almost unconscious.


Define stupor. stupor synonyms, stupor pronunciation, stupor translation, English dictionary definition of stupor. n. A state of reduced sensibility or ...


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Once the subject has imbibed past the limit, massive retardation sets in, resulting in the stupor. The person in this state is often referred to as a drunken moron.


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