Subjective definition is - of, relating to, or constituting a subject: such as. ... See the full definition for subjective in the English Language Learners Dictionary.


Subjective definition, existing in the mind; belonging to the thinking subject rather than to the object of thought (opposed to objective). See more.


Things that are subjective are open to interpretation. If you go see a movie about a jewel thief, the topic is not subjective. But whether it's a good movie or not is ...


Definition of subjective - based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions, relating to or denoting a case of nouns and pronouns used for th.


subjective meaning: 1. influenced by or based on personal beliefs or feelings, rather than based on facts: 2. influenced by or based on personal beliefs or ...


subjective definition: The definition of subjective is something that is based on personal opinion. (adjective) An example of subjective is someone believing ...


Subjective definition: Something that is subjective is based on personal opinions and feelings rather than on... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and ...


Making a decision depending on personal taste or experience rather including other people in the decision making process.


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