1. From its earlier literal sense “to escape as vapor” transpire came to mean “to escape from concealment, become known” in the 18th century. Somewhat later, it  ...


Transpire definition is - to take place : go on, occur. ... since I wrote you last — Abigail Adams Noah Webster recognized the new sense in his dictionary of 1828 .


Transpire is a fancy way of saying "happen." You might go to a fortune teller to find out what will transpire in the future.


transpire meaning: 1. If it transpires that something has happened, this previously secret or unknown fact becomes known: 2. to happen: 3. If a body or plant ...



USAGE It is often maintained that transpire should not be used to mean happen or occur, as in the event transpired late in the evening, and that the word is ...


Define transpire (verb) and get synonyms. What is transpire (verb)? transpire ( verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.


Usage Note: Transpire has been used since the mid-1700s in the sense "to become publicly known," as in Despite efforts to hush the matter up, it soon ...


transpire definition: To transpire is to give off moisture through the skin, or to occur, happen or turn out in a certain way. (verb) When a person perspires, this is an ...