A tutelary (also tutelar) is a deity or spirit who is a guardian, patron, or protector of a particular .... Look up tutelary in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.


Tutelary definition is - having the guardianship of a person or a thing. How to use tutelary in a sentence. Did You Know? ... Dictionary Entries near tutelary. tutela.


Tutelary definition, having the position of guardian or protector of a person, place, or thing: tutelary saint. See more.


Definition of tutelary - serving as a protector, guardian, or patron.


Define tutelary. tutelary synonyms, tutelary pronunciation, tutelary translation, English dictionary definition of tutelary. also tu·te·lar adj. 1. Being or serving as a  ...


The adjective tutelary describes something that is supervising or guarding something else, like the tutelary duties of a babysitter who makes sure the kids don't ...


Tutelary definition: invested with the role of guardian or protector | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


An illustration by Jacobus le Palmer of William of Nottingham II lecturing a group of students at either the University of Oxford or University of Cambridge, from a c  ...


that watches over or protects; of or serving as a guardian. Origin of tutelary. Classical Latin tutelarius from tutela: see tutelage. noun. pl. -·lar·ies. a tutelary god ...