Underhand definition, not open and aboveboard; secret and crafty or dishonorable: an underhand deal with the chief of police. See more.


Underhand definition is - in a clandestine manner. How to use underhand in a sentence. ... Dictionary Entries near underhand. undergrowth · under guard.


Underhanded definition is - underhand. How to use underhanded in a sentence. Synonym ... Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme with underhanded.


underhand meaning: 1. done secretly, and sometimes dishonestly, in order to achieve an advantage: 2. (done by) moving the arm below shoulder level: 3.


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Definition of underhand - acting or done in a secret or dishonest way,


Beyond being the most prolific lucky loser in history, Polanksy received brief notoriety when he lost a set to a guy who served underhand. SlateAug 24, 2018.


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When on a first date, a slightly unattractive women "under hands" or gropes for a mans junk under the table cloth.