Unregenerate definition, not regenerate; not renewed in heart and mind or reborn in spirit; unrepentant: an unregenerate sinner. See more.


Unregenerate definition is - not regenerate. How to use unregenerate in a sentence. Did You Know? ... Dictionary Entries near unregenerate. unregarded.


For myself, unregenerate humanity is preferable - the flawed and conflicted creatures we are in fact are much more interesting than the transformed creatures  ...


Define unregenerate. unregenerate synonyms, unregenerate pronunciation, unregenerate translation, English dictionary definition of unregenerate. adj. 1.


unregenerate definition: 1. not regenerate; not spiritually reborn or converted 2. not converted to a particular belief, viewpoint, etc. 3. recalcitrant or obstinateAlso  ...


How to use unregenerate in a sentence. Example sentences with the word unregenerate. unregenerate example sentences.


Though her nose was long and unregenerate, and her lips thin, pursed like a minister's mouth, her color was good. Gregory Maguire CONFESSIONS OF AN ...


unregenerated - Meaning in Hindi, what is meaning of unregenerated in Hindi dictionary, pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of unregenerated in Hindi and ...


On page 540 of this same Law Dictionary, Monster is defined as "a human being ... Human Being is defined as a "Natural man: unenlightened or unregenerate," ...