Urgent definition, compelling or requiring immediate action or attention; imperative; pressing: an urgent matter. See more.


If something is urgent it requires immediate attention or action. If you break your leg, you'll need urgent attention at the hospital — that means the doctors will ...


Urgent definition is - calling for immediate attention : pressing. How to ... See the full definition for urgent in the English Language Learners Dictionary. urgent.


Definition of urgent - requiring immediate action or attention, (of an action or event) done or arranged in response to an urgent situation.


urgent meaning: 1. needing attention very soon, especially before anything else, because important: 2. (especially of a person's actions) repeated and ...


Mar 26, 2008 ... Hey IT Support, my phone is crackling and I must have someone look at it urgently. OR Hi IT Support, I have got a new icon on my desktop and I ...


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