Vent definition is - to provide with a vent. How to use vent in a sentence. ... See the full definition for vent in the English Language Learners Dictionary. vent. verb.


Vent definition, an opening, as in a wall, serving as an outlet for air, smoke, fumes , or the like. See more.


You might vent your rage when your brother once again gets out of doing his chores. You also might vent something to air it out. If it's too hot inside your car, vent ...


To vent is to let off steam by saying everything that's on your mind, usually out of anger.


vent meaning: 1. a small opening that allows air, smoke, or gas to enter or leave a closed space: 2. a cut in the bottom of a piece of clothing to allow the person ...


If we are not allowed to vent , we end up bottling up our emotions which is detrimental to the human psyche and can end up suffering from it's side effects.


Definition of vent - an opening that allows air, gas, or liquid to pass out of or into a confined space, the release or expression of a strong emotion,


Define vent. vent synonyms, vent pronunciation, vent translation, English dictionary definition of vent. n. 1. Forceful expression or release of pent-up thoughts or ...


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