Whiff definition is - a quick puff or slight gust especially of air, odor, gas, smoke, ... See the full definition for whiff in the English Language Learners Dictionary.


any of several flatfishes having both eyes on the left side of the head, of the genus Citharichthys, as C. cornutus (horned whiff) , inhabiting Atlantic waters from ...


In fighting games: The act of performing a move that fails to connect with the opponent, whether it be on hit or on block.


A whiff can mean the hint of something you smell. When you drive past the sewage treatment plant and suddenly roll up your car windows, it's usually because ...


whiff meaning: 1. a slight smell, carried on a current of air: 2. a slight sign of something: 3. a smell that you notice briefly: . Learn more.


Definition of whiff - a smell that is only smelt briefly or faintly, a puff or breath of air or smoke, (chiefly in baseball or golf) an unsuccessful att.


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Define whiff. whiff synonyms, whiff pronunciation, whiff translation, English dictionary definition of whiff. n. 1. a. A brief, passing odor carried in the air: a whiff of ...


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