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I*- THE STANFORD DICTIONARY OF ANGLICISED WORDS AND PHRASES EDITED FOR THE SYNDICS OF THE UNIVERSITY PRESS BY C. A. M. FENNELL, D. LITT. tit LATE ...... 1883 There was then and is now the famous alamode beef house where the savoury alamode is 4^. and 6d. per plate : Daily News, Sept.


Apr 7, 2006 ... Satan a La Mode by Adrian Barnes, 9781419636127, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.


... a flea in the ear · a flush deck · a foregone conclusion · A gamma Globin · A Gene · A Gene Product · A Genes · a good deal · a great deal · A horizon · a hundred times · A Hydratase, trans 2 Enoyl Coenzyme · A Kempis · a la carte · A la Grec · A la Grecque · a la mode · a level · a lot · A MethaPred · a million times · a people ...


access road, agua toad, alamode, antinode, bridle road, building code, choral ode, cochleoid, color code, copycode, discommode, eckenrode, episode, extracode, fire code, geocode, hydathode, incommode, legal code, machine code, macrocode, melampode, microcode, midwife toad, nematode, object code, on the road, ...


1: (of a restaurant meal) having unlimited choices with a separate price for each item [ant: {table d'hote}] n : a menu having individual dishes listed with separate prices adv : by ordering items lis... a la mode. 1: in the current fashion or style [syn : {a la mode(p)}, {in style(p)}, {in vogue(p)}, {modish}] adv : with ice cream on top ...


THIS Project of Composing a DICTIONARY for the use of the Fair-Sex, (which may serve as a Secret Oracle, to Consult in all difficult Cases) being the First ...... Spark comes to take leave of his Country Friends to Crindg Alamode, and in a formal tone to say, Adieu donce me cheres whilst not understanding a word of it, they ...


Feb 6, 2012 ... In the XIXth century, navies used to have baloon carriers, ships which are equipped with balloons. This warships were used for observation. At the beginning of the XXth, navies performed seaplane carriers, ships which put seaplanes and pick them from sea with a crane. Before WWII, the first aircraft ...


Definition of Restoration Drama in England – Our online dictionary has Restoration Drama in England information from Arts and Humanities Through the Eras ... 1672, he began to move away from this genre of heroic plays with his lively and witty comedy Marriage a la Mode, an urbane work in the comedy of manners vein.


A. a la carte a la mode appetizer. B. beef beverage bill bistro boiled bowl braised bread breakfast brunch butter. C. cafe cafeteria cake candle cashier centerpiece chair charge chef chicken coffee cola cold condiments cook cooked course cream credit card cutlery. D. deli delicatessen delicious dessert dine diner dining