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The Greenback Party was an American political party with an anti-monopoly ideology which was active between 1874 and 1889. The party ran candidates in  ...


Greenback party definition, a former political party, organized in 1874, opposed to the retirement or reduction of greenbacks and favoring their increase as the ...


Now, when I whisper in your all-comprehending ear that the leaders of this Greenback Party are anything but Republicans, you will grasp the point.


Greenback Party definition: a political party formed after the Civil War advocating the use of fiat money and... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Define Greenback Party. Greenback Party synonyms, Greenback Party pronunciation, Greenback Party translation, English dictionary definition of Greenback ...


The ink on the reverse side of Federal Reserve Notes being green is what led to the nick name "greenback". To a lesser extent, Silver Certificates and United ...


THE AMERICAN HERITAGE® DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, FIFTH ... As presidential nominee of the Greenback and Anti-Monopolist parties, ...


Definition of Greenback Movement – Our online dictionary has Greenback ... for the Greenback Party, which emerged as a political entity by the early 1870s.


Define greenback: a legal-tender note issued by the U.S. government — greenback in a sentence.