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The olive wreath also known as kotinos (Greek: κότινος), was the prize for the winner at the ancient Olympic Games. It was a branch of the wild olive tree that ...


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But while it lay buried, the paradigm of a dedicated athlete willing to compete for nothing more than glory and an olive crown continued as an idealistic notion, ...


Define olive oil: a pale yellow to yellowish-green nondrying oil that is obtained from olives, is high in ... olive oil in a sentence. ... Medical Dictionary ...


Jan 12, 2011 ... The olive branch is a branch of an olive tree. In Western culture, it symbolizes peace or goodwill. The original link between olive branches and ...


Olive green definition: a colour that is greener , stronger, and brighter than olive ; deep yellowish-green | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Olive drab definition: a dull but fairly strong greyish-olive colour | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


From Old French olive (“olive, olive tree”), from Latin olīva (“olive”), from Ancient Greek ἐλαία (elaía), from Proto-Indo-European *loiwom (compare Old Church ...


Olive definition: Olives are small green or black fruit with a bitter taste . Olives ... The Sun (2016)You will know quickly if she is capable of taking this olive branch.