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displaying a readout in numerical digits rather than by a pointer or hands on a dial: a digital speedometer; a digital watch.
of, relating to, or using numerical calculations.
of, relating to, or using data in the form of numerical digits: a digital image; digital devices.
involving or using numerical digits expressed in a scale of notation, usually in the binary system, to represent discretely all variables occurring in a problem.
available in electronic form; readable and manipulable by computer: Scan these two pages so you'll have them as a digital document.
pertaining to, noting, or making use of computers and computerized technologies, including the Internet: We are living in an increasingly digital world. Digital activism uses social media to achieve political reform. His blog is a great example of digital journalism. Digital technology has revolutionized the music industry.
of or relating to a digit or finger.
resembling a digit or finger.
manipulated with a finger or the fingertips: a digital switch.
having fingers or digitlike parts.
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Digital usually refers to something using digits, particularly binary digits. Contents . [hide]. 1 Technology and computing. 1.1 Hardware; 1.2 Socioeconomic phenomena; 1.3 Other uses in technology and computing. 2 Art, entertainment, and media. 2.1 Games; 2.2 Music; 2.3 Visual arts. 3 Brands and enterprises; 4 Other uses ...


Digital definition, displaying a readout in numerical digits rather than by a pointer or hands on a dial: a digital speedometer; a digital watch. See more.


Digital describes electronic technology that generates stores and processes data in terms of two states positive and nonpositive Positive is expressed o...


Apr 12, 2018 ... Define digital: of or relating to the fingers or toes; done with a finger — digital in a sentence.


Everyone wants to go digital. The first step is truly understanding what that means . Companies today are rushing headlong to become more digital. But what does digital really mean? For some executives, it's about technology. For others, digital is a new way of engaging with customers. And for others still, it represents an ...


Definition of digital - (of signals or data) expressed as series of the digits 0 and 1, typically represented by values of a physical quantity such as vol.


Usage notes[edit]. digital is occasionally used in French to describe display devices such as TV screens. Its use for other purposes is often criticised, because this use derives from English, and because digital more commonly has the first meaning above. See also numérique ...


Any system based on discontinuous data or events. Computers are digital machines because at the basic level they can distinguish between just two values, 0 and 1.


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