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May 5, 2014 ... Smartphones and tablets in Samsung's Galaxy line-up not only have access to Google's Play app store, but you can download apps from Samsung's own portal and other sources, too. Here's how to download apps on a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet.


Download the apps designed for your Galaxy and Gear devices at the Galaxy Apps store. Find the best perks and deals offered to Galaxy and Gear users. ... Directly from your watch or Gear tab on Galaxy Apps, you can turn your Gear into fashion items, luxurious tourbillions or even gaming device. * Available apps may  ...


Download an App from the Google Play Store on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab E. You can ... Google Play Store is your digital marketplace for games, apps, books, music, and movies. ... Google Play Store requires that you have a Google Account set up on your device before you can access and install apps using the store.


A Galaxy Tab? The iPad vs. Android dilemma can be a difficult one, but it's a question that can be solved by asking yourself what you want in a tablet. In order to determine which tablet is right for ... This includes the App Store, which has over a million apps, many of which are designed with the iPad's larger display in mind.


One of the main reasons you bought that shiny new Galaxy Tab is so you can get your hands on apps that do just about everything under the sun—and a few things that ... When you do it this way, you can also have that same app downloaded to any other Android devices you have, and manage apps for all of your Android ...


Use the Google Play™ store app to download useful and fun apps to your Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 (10.1). Watch this video to learn step by step instructions to search for and download apps. Upgrade❯. Length: 2:27 ...


Download and Install Apps - Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 10.1. Note To access Google Play, a Google account is required. Note Google Play has app reviews which can be helpful in finding the right one to download and install. From a home screen, select Apps (located in the upper right). Home screen Apps; From the All tab, ...


The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" is compatible with Netflix, even though you might not see the app in the Google Play store. Instead, you can download the Netflix app directly from us. To connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab to your Netflix account, follow the steps below.


Aug 13, 2013 ... Samsung's tablet line runs all of the apps other Android tablets and phones do, obviously. ... But Samsung's line has some special features, too. ... the new tablet's IR blasters or apps that take advantage of the Galaxy Note tablet line's S Pen, you can find plenty of interesting options in the Google Play store.