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Extended coverage is a term used in the property insurance business. All insurance policies have exclusions for specific causes of loss (also called "perils" ) that are not covered by the insurance company. An extended coverage endorsement (EC) was a common extension of property insurance beyond coverage for fire and ...


Definition. An endorsement to a standard fire policy adding coverage for the following perils: windstorm, hail, explosion (except of steam boilers), riot, civil commotion, aircraft, vehicles, and smoke. The EC perils are now included in most property policies without the need for a separate endorsement. Beacon Hill sidebar.


Extended coverage insurance is added to a standard property/fire insurance policy to extend the perils of loss that will be covered. In current insurance policy forms, the extended coverage perils are already included so there is no real need to additionally specify extended coverage.


Define extended coverage: coverage extending a fire insurance policy so that additional hazards (such as those arising from storms or explosions) are…


Definition of extended coverage: An extension of a current insurance plan that provides for losses outside of the normal circumstances that the original insurance plan covers. The plan must be purchased in addition to another ...


Extended coverage definition, an extension of a casualty-insurance policy to provide insurance against risks not covered under the basic policy. See more.


Extended Coverage. Introduction. This notice applies to you if you are covered under the Commonwealth of Virginia Health Benefits Program (the Plan), including the health benefits plan and, if you elected to enroll, the medical expense flexible reimbursement account. This notice contains important information about your ...


extended coverage meaning, definition, what is extended coverage: when an insurance agreement remains effe...: Learn more.


Viking's EC Quick Reference Guide provides an overview of Viking's complete line of extended coverage sprinklers, including listed flows, pressures, and coverage areas. Viking sprinklers are available in various finishes for frame-style sprinklers and concealed sprinkler cover plates. Choose a product category below or ...