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This volume addresses important issues to do with access to higher education and different models of its financing in the East Asia region. It is enriched by diverse perspectives from vastly different starting points and by the historical and institutional settings in the region. The issues are set out in the context of the value of ...


This book is the product of research collaboration between The Australian. National University and Dhurakij Pundit University. It brings together new work— from a conference held in 2008 in Bangkok—on higher education financing by international experts on the issue from around East Asia. The research collaboration ...


This volume addresses important issues to do with access to higher education and different models of its financing in the East Asia region. It is enriched by di...


Nov 7, 2012 ... Southeast and East Asia now have 31% of global enrollments, the largest share globally. Source: Counting the Cost - Financing Asian Higher Education for Inclusive Growth. 450% increase of income from sources other than state subsidies in Thailand's public universities following the decline of state ...


12. Student Loans. 13. Asian Experience with Student Loans. 14. The Asian Context. 18. Implications of Demography. 20. University Contribution to Innovation. 20 .... This is particularly the case in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and ... general, expansion was markedly slower in South and Central Asia than in East Asia. In the.


Since its establishment, University of East Asia (UEA) has promoted education of humanity and professional skills to better society with the goal of training .... culture to privately-financed international students who wish to enter a degree program at University of East Asia or other universities and graduate schools in Japan.


The East Asian economies are seeing significant change in how their higher education sectors are being managed. Governments .... IRRs would be expected to have a positive impact on graduates while financing systems (the ratio of education costs ..... Extent of Autonomy Extended to Autonomous Universities in East Asia.


In some countries like the United States, urgent reform is needed as the lack of access to and affordability of higher education increases inequality in society and creates hardship for many graduates. The income contingent loan (ICL) system for financing higher education provides an innovative solution.


Jan 9, 2017 ... Attitudes to university rankings & reputation. Key information sources & influences. What students want from the study abroad experience. What are the main concerns of South East Asian students? Our report combines data from the QS World Grad School Tour Applicant Survey with a series of focus groups ...