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Filmmaker Stefanie Leland in 2009 set out on a journey to find out the status of horned lizards of Texas.

The Texas horned lizard can be easily distinguished from all other Oklahoma lizards by a ... A motionless horned lizard is difficult to see against bare soil. Texas ...

Whether you know it as a Texas horned lizard or a horny toad, this ... once a regular backyard dweller, has become harder to find in some areas of the state.

Jul 4, 2016 ... This Texas horned lizard, or "horny toad," is not as prevalent as it used to be in ... When “horny toads” get hungry, they relish a meal of ants.

Watch and several other monitoring programs. To find out more about Texas Nature Trackers or to order monitoring materials for Texas Horned. Lizard Watch  ...