Prostitution, sex work, brothel-keeping, living off the proceeds of someone else's prostitution, ..... The vast majority of New Zealand sex workers are biologically female, but there are also male and transgender workers, particularly in Auckland .


Intersex rights in New Zealand are protections and rights afforded to intersex people. Protection ... female genital mutilation explicitly permit "normalizing" medical interventions on intersex infants and girls. ... New Zealand passports are available with 'M', 'F' and 'X' sex descriptors for applicants of indeterminate sex.


Jul 11, 2018 ... The answer is "Yes" and in fact, New Zealand now has some of the most liberal prostitution and sex laws of any country in the world.


Sep 12, 2017 ... Most of the young girls being trafficked for sex in New Zealand are from lower socio-economic families but their clients are often not, a sex ...


Oct 30, 2018 ... Sex self-identification and the concept of “gender identity” are having major ... New Zealand's media has yet to critically investigate these policy changes and their ... from male to female,” and began using the girls' bathrooms.


Jun 19, 2015 ... NEW ZEALAND. Police officers paid us for sex, say teen girls ... Two girls said they had sex with police officers and one said she was sexually ...


Jan 22, 2019 ... Joseph Parker, who led 'Roast Busters' group that boasted of sex with underage girls, has also launched fundraiser for his music career.


Sep 15, 2016 ... Part two of New Zealand is no paradise: Sex, Drugs and Denial, ... As far as I could tell, the point for girls was to drink until you vomited and ...


Jan 31, 2009 ... New Zealand women have an average of 20.4 sexual partners, according to a ... New Zealanders have sex an average 122 times a year.