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The board game of Hnefatafl was very popular among the Vikings. On this page we describe the game and its rules.


Hnefatafl: The classic board game hnefatafl in 2 sizes. The white King needs to escape from the black soldiers. A Classic games game.


Nov 12, 2016 ... The family of Tafl games is at least 1, 500 years old and rather associated with the Vikings who brought it in the entire territory of Scandinavia, Britain.


The latest Tweets from Hnefatafl Board Game (@cyningstantafl). More than you ever wanted to know about the ancient Viking board game, hnefatafl. History, rules, strategy, news, and a little shop too!. Hull, England.


HNEFATAFL. Traditional ~ 400 AD Scandinavia. The game of Tablut was discovered by Carl von Linné at Kvikkjokk, Sweden, in 1732. It is almost certainly the Old Norse board-game known as "Hnefatafl", mentioned in the Icelandic sagas. The word hnefatafl is a compound of Hnefi (meaning fist) and Tafl ( ultimately from ...


THE BATTLE BEGINS. Hnefatafl is a Viking game of strategy for two players. Each player has an army of warriors and tries to out-think his or her opponent. First decide who will control each army. The red army consists of 12 warriors and one king, while the white army has 24 warriors but no king. The board is set up with the ...


They make great and unique gifts! The Vikings probably played several board games but the rules of only two are known and these are most likely to have been the most commonly played games. Suitable for anyone from 7 years and up. | eBay!


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Mar 29, 2017 ... Hnefatafl (pronounced neff-e-tah-ful) is a Chess-like board game once considered to be the most respected intellectual pursuit among Norse nobles. Hnefatafl was considered lost to history for almost a millennium, the only artefacts of its existence being game boards discovered at excavations, and in ...