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Hnefatafl: The classic Scandinavion board game Hnefatafl or Tablut. The white Swedes have to defend their King against the black Muscovites. The King must try to escape via the corner tiles and the black stones have to prevent that. Capture a soldier by surrounding it from two opposite sides. A Board game.


These are hand poured resin copies of my handmade sculpture for the Viking board game “Hnefatafl” or “King's Table”. The game is one of pure strategy, played on a square board. A king and a small force of defenders occupy the centre of the board. A larger force of attackers, twice as numerous as the defenders, occupy ...


Jun 17, 2017 ... Learn and play Hnefatafl, the board game the Vikings brought to these shores before the arrival of chess. A king must escape with the help of eight guards, while sixteen invaders attempt to capture him. Held at the Hull and East Riding Museum, this is the first Hnefatafl tournament to be organised in the city.


Jan 9, 2018 ... The strategic board game of the Vikings (Hnefatafl pronounced nef-ah-tah-fel) or King's Table, ranks as one of history's greatest board games; simple, yet addic.


Jan 18, 2017 ... Ages ago I wrote about the evolution of chess both in the West and in the East, and in those articles I mentioned how these Eastern games replaced the traditional tafl games games of Europe by about the 12th century CE. These tafl games (literally table games, in the same way we say boardgames) have ...


14 aug 2015 ... Hnefatafl, ook bekend als “Koningstafel”, was tussen het einde van de achtste eeuw en het jaar 1000 ontzettend populair in het noorden van Europa en verspreidde zich dankzij de Vikingen naar andere delen van het continent, zoals in het bijzonder de Britse eilanden. In de Middeleeuwen maakte schaak ...


May 19, 2016 ... I've already built several wooden versions of this boardgame and my friends and I enjoy playing it a lot (although most of them didn't know it before) and since the LEGO Group has already released several versions of Chess, and I know a lot of people who prefer Hnefatafl over Chess because of it's simple ...


The classic board game hnefatafl in 2 sizes. The white King needs to escape from the black soldiers.


The vikings played a game called hnefatafl (king table) often mistranslated as chess. The rules are quite simple as far as they have been pieced together. The game is played on boards of varying sizes, 13x13 is the most common. The king starts on the central square, his throne. He is surrounded by his ...