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Richard Wagner
Richard Wagner is the 19th century German composer and poet famous for taking opera to new dramatic heights in such works as Der Fliegende Holländer (1841) and Der Ring des Nibelungen (1876). Richard Wagner began his career as a music director, and by the 1840s was gaining recognition for his musical compositions and operas. During the 1850s he lived in exile in Zürich, unwelcome in Germany because of his associations with revolutionaries in Dresden. Although he was composing what would become s More »
Name at Birth: Wilhelm Richard Wagner
Born: May 22, 1813 (Leipzig, Germany)


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2017 Board of Trustees for Wagner Farm Arboretum. (To contact via email, please click on the name below). President – Karen Manner. Vice President – Jonathan Jeans. Secretary/Treasurer – Lisa Young. Trustee – Ernie Cottrill. Trustee – Rich Zangara. Trustee- Sharon Magid ...


Marnee DeVine, Trustee Emeritus. Dorothy Farhat, Trustee Emeritus. *in Memoriam. Catholic Social Services of .... Tuffn Wagner, Auctioneer Tim. Patton & Mary Kay Pearson. The night was rich with sound & color at the .... Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Villar. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Volz. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Wadhams. Dr. and Mrs.


Board of Trustees. James Libs, President. Richard Deighton. Margot DeVine- Mumby. Darlene Eagle. Marilyn Geiger. Dr. Susan Dorr Goold. Karen Gordon ...... Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Vella. Mr. and Mrs. Terence A. Vogel. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Voight. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Waas. Ms. Tuffin Wagner. Mr. Jeff Walker and Mrs. Sharon ...


Jennifer Pinto. Anna Schork. Judy Turner. John DeVine, President Emeritus. Marnee DeVine, Trustee Emeritus. Dorothy Farhat, Trustee Emeritus. Catholic Social Services. Larry Voight, President. Management Team. Kathy Bonds. David Garvin. Janette Kawachi. Dorothy Keskitalo. Cathi Kelley. Jill Kind. Leah Ann Kleinfeldt.


Board of Trustees. Tony Glinke, President. Richard Deighton. Margot DeVine- Mumby. Darlene Eagle. Marilyn Geiger. Dr. Susan Dorr Goold. Karen Gordon ...... Ms. Tuffin Wagner. Ms. Diane L. Wahl. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Wakefield. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Wakenell. Reverend Brendan J. Walsh. Dr. and Mrs. John W.