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Flint is the largest city and seat of Genesee County, Michigan, United States. Located along the .... Only 10% of the manufacturing work force from its height remains in Flint. Many factors have been blamed, .... On November 3, 2015, Flint residents elected Karen Weaver as their first female mayor. On January 22, 2016, the ...


May 15, 2018 ... FLINT, MI - Three Flint residents are suspected of holding a woman ... "It's only recently that we've become educated and understanding many ...


Mar 5, 2018 ... My name is Mari Copeny, I'm 10 years old and from Flint, Michigan. My # BlackPantherChallenge aims to not just bring kids to see the movie but for them ... With the help of her mom and cousin, Mari raised $16,000 through a ...


Mar 8, 2018 ... General thread for discussion of the missing women in Flint, Michigan. ... he says they only have 4 reports of missing women in the City of Flint.


Jul 13, 2018 ... A Flint woman's family believes she may have been one of two people ... 6PM REPORT: Michigan State Police say 23-year-old Tyler Pearson was ... that that wasn't her, that maybe she just needed a break and she'll show up.


Lady D Fashion Boutique sells a variety of women's church suits, dresses, denim skirts, purses, jewelry and much more. ... Women's Clothing Store in Flint, Michigan ... Women's Clothing Store ... Just found this lil treasure of a boutique! I' m in ...


May 21, 2017 ... The Network Journal reports that WT Stevens is “one of just four companies recently ... s water crisis started, relief in the form of a $100…


Jul 5, 2018 ... In January 2015, the city of Flint sent out an advisory stating that the water ... “This isn't just happening to me like they've been saying.”.


Fr. Paul Donnelly Jan Smeltzer Parochial Vicar Director of Religious Eduation 810-744-4241. Deacon Omar Odette Pastoral Coordinator Vikey Gonzalez