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The Anne Penman Laser Therapy Program was created in 1992. Our Las Vegas center has been open since May 2005. We are the only Stop Smoking Laser method in Nevada with a seventeen-year history of successfully helping smokers kick the habit. We have locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, ...

Anne Penman Laser Therapy Stop Smoking,Weight Loss,Stress Management, Reiki, Detox Ionic Foot Spa Center call 702-682-8135 Las Vegas Nevada.

How to use laser therapy to stop smoking?

Aug 10, 2017 ... Well documented success rates reported from the Imagine Laserworks centres using our proprietary software to actively monitor smoking cessation success rates. 1 week – 94.4%; 1 month – 86.72%; 3 months – 83%; 6 months – 82%; 1 year – 76% ...

Sep 29, 2010 ... Pinto launched Innovative Laser Therapy after he successfully quit smoking with a round of laser therapy from a clinic in Florida. ... Using acupuncture methods to treat addictions such as smoking is not new, White said, but there is still no clear evidence that treatment with needles has any therapeutic ...

Want to quit smoking? We use low-level laser therapy to help you overcome nicotine addiction. We also offer home-use products to help you quit for good.

Laser therapy stop smoking las vegas