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Other photos of the wall and damage... www.81x.com/WTC1entry/majicwall2 with help from Marcus ! 1sthit.0catch.com/no767.html · 1sthit.0catch.com/2.html. A comparison of the wall damage of the WTC to the actual size of the planes in question. Pictures and analysis marcus737.0catch.com/compare.html.


marcus737.0catch.com. Closeup pics to the wall damage of the WTC's from different angles. www.81x.com/wtcwall/damage ( does not support netscape ) www.81x.com/WTC1entry/majicwall2 · northtower2.0catch.com/ · Humint Events Online November 2004 · inn.globalfreepress.com/modules/news/article.php? storyid=825