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In the history of Europe, the Middle Ages (or Medieval Period) lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. It began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and merged into the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery. The Middle Ages is the middle period of the three traditional divisions of Western history: classical antiquity, ...


Medieval definition is — of, relating to, or characteristic of the Middle Ages. How to use Medieval in a sentence. Did You Know?


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Medieval graffiti: the lost voices of England's churches in the Middle Ages. Advertisement. Portrait of King Henry V. (Photo by Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty. Medieval ...


Medieval definition, of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or in the style of the Middle Ages: medieval architecture. See more.


People use the phrase “Middle Ages” to describe Europe between the fall of Rome in 476 CE and the beginning of the Renaissance in the 14th century. Many scholars call the era the “medieval period” instead; “Middle Ages,” they say, incorrectly implies that the period is an insignificant blip sandwiched between two much ...


Definition of medieval - relating to the Middle Ages.


(Received Pronunciation) IPA: /ˌmɛd.i.ˈiː.vəl/, /ˌmiː.di.ˈiː.vəl/, /mɪd.ˈiː. vəl/; (General American) IPA: /mɪd.ˈi.vəl/, /ˌmɛdi.ˈi.vəl/. Adjective[edit]. medieval (comparative more medieval, superlative most medieval). Of or relating to the Middle Ages, the period from approximately 500 to 1500 AD. Having ...


Nov 9, 2017 ... Lezlie S. Knox, an associate professor of history and director of the medieval studies program at Marquette University, likes to advise against painting the people of this time period with too broad of a brush. She explains that “The ' Middle Ages,' broadly speaking, refers to the period from the 2nd century up ...