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There are accommodations available throughout the Willow and Hatcher Pass areas, from lodges to bed and breakfasts. Willow also has several lakes for fishing, and is not far from Denali National Park. For more information on visiting Willow check out the Willow Alaska section of our Alaska Travel Guide including Willow ...


Willow Creek State Recreational Area, Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation.


Find a Park by Area, Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation.


Seeing Denali or Mount Mckinley on your way to Denali National Park Alaska. ... Driving Through Willow on the Parks Highway As you drive north from Anchorage up the George Parks Highway toward Denali Park, you'll start seeing brief glimpses of Mt. McKinley, looming up in the middle of the road, starting at Milepost 69.


This is not an Alaska State Park, but is managed as one. Exit is on the east side of the highway. 66.5. Nancy Lake State Recreation Site. 30 camp sites is on the northeast shore of Nancy Lake, a popular fishing and boating area near Willow ( 67 miles from Anchorage, 30 miles north of Wasilla). A picnic area and a boat ...


May 4, 2017 ... The National Park Service Alaska Regional Park Office is based in Anchorage. The employees in this office support the management of the 15 national parks, preserves, monuments and national historical parks in Alaska, as well as the 13 national wild rivers, two affiliated areas and a national heritage area ...


Apr 14, 2015 ... Tom Mangelson. All three species of North American ptarmigan: willow, rock and white-tailed, live in Denali. Ptarmigan are members of the grouse family and they spend much of their lives on the ground. They are, however, very capable fliers and often use their speed and agility to escape aerial predators ...


12 miles north of Willow Alaska J&M's Boat Launch and RV Park at Susitna Landing offers you an amazing place to get out and enjoy the great Alaska.


There are six campgrounds located within Denali National Park, and three of them allow RVs. ... Jump to Section: Anchorage to Talkeetna Turnoff (Glenn Hwy 1 and Parks Hwy 3) | Talkeeetna Turnoff to Denali National Park (Parks Hwy 3) .... The Official Race Start begins in the town of Willow on the first Sunday in March.