tender loving care (uncountable) (abbreviated as TLC). considerate and compassionate care, especially as given by nurses when no other treatment is of use ...


Noun 1. tender loving care - considerate and solicitous care; "young children need lots of TLC" TLC care, tending, attention, aid - the work of providing...


How just, how love-careful he was not to ask her—considerate for her more than himself! And it was considerate of you not to employ it in this instance. Being so ...


You would possibly want people to be considerate of your rights and feelings. ... from being inactive, sitting still with your hands in your lap and saying nothing.


For your own health, it's important to accept and love yourself despite what ... If you are the opposite and struggle to let things go, you may have to retrain your brain. ... to not caring is to stop thinking that everyone is as “considerate” as you are.


Sep 18, 2012 ... Science has found that students who have caring relationships with ... meaning behind what students are saying, then checks in with them to ...


Dec 25, 2018 ... Being in love is one thing, and keeping that love alive is another. ... Be the first one to do these things, and be thoughtful and considerate towards her. .... Remember that she needs some time alone and can also take care of ...


In caring for someone with memory loss, it is important to have the ... in care and is most considerate to the person who will have to make decisions. ... Family members and friends who love the dying person may experience a similar change.


Dec 4, 2018 ... You can't base a relationship on feelings, but I want there to be feelings ... sweet, wonderful things, he's caring and considerate and thoughtful.