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The Oberkommando der Marine (OKM) was Nazi Germany's Naval High Command and the highest administrative and command authority of the Kriegsmarine. It was officially formed from the Marineleitung ("Naval Command") of the Reichswehr on 11 January 1936. In 1937 it was combined with the newly formed ...


OKM manufactures 3d metal detectors, gold detectors, ground detectors, geophysical phase readers and 3d earth imager.


About OKMSRC. Come for a visit, stay for the season. Known far and wide as OKM, we are a membership club and community pool primarily serving Cherry Run, White Oaks, Longwood Knolls, Fairfax Station and … Read More ...

Nov 6, 2017 ... In this video we explain the "Ground Scan" functionality of the metal detector and 3d ground scanner Rover C4 manufactured by OKM in Germany. The Rover C4 is a metal detector that can generate 3d graphics of underground objects, buried treasures and lost artifacts. The procedure of obtaining those ...


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Human capital development through advanced Israeli Operational Krav Maga training methodology, developed by Gabi Shai, international Crime Prevention expert.


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eXp 4500 Professional Plus (Complete Package). OKM eXp 4500 - 3d ground scanner for treasure hunters and gold seekers. $29636.00 BUY NOW. Gepard GPR. OKM Gepard GPR Ground Penetrating Radar with Android Tablet PC. $19716.00 BUY NOW. Rover Gold. OKM Rover Gold - Gold Detector for Prospectors.